Commitment To Our Planet

Mohegan is a steward of our planet and acknowledges a responsibility to operate in a manner that provides a healthy, safe, and enriching environment for present and future generations.

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Environmental Practices

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is certified by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) Green Lodging Council. Forty percent of the power sourced for Mohegan Sun is supplied in a carbon-neutral manner, while 50 percent of the site is open space.

Mohegan Pennsylvania

Mohegan Pennsylvania utilizes a combined heat and power system (CHP) to reduce energy consumption by 22 percent and carbon footprint by 14 percent.

Niagara Casinos

Niagara Casinos' convention spaces have achieved a 4 Green Key rating from Green Key Global, a leading international environmental certification body that offers standardized programs and resources designed specifically for the hotel and meetings industries, and the Canada Region’s Corporate Energy Management Award from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Sustainability Spotlight

Niagara Casinos

Niagara Casinos devote considerable time and resources to ensure they conduct business responsibly and sustainably, including:

  • Tracking carbon footprint via the Canadian government’s Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS)
  • Utilizing monitoring software and hardware packages to drive energy conservation and investment programs
  • Discontinuing the use of disposable products wherever possible
  • Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning practices and products, including eliminating 95 percent of all nonylphenols
  • Replacing organic waste systems that diverted 2.3 million pounds of organic waste from landfills annually
  • Reducing mechanical systems power by 15 percent
  • Upgrading lighting to LED, reducing power throughout the space, resulting in rebates issued to date of over 275,000 Canadian dollars from the utility provider
  • In-house waste reduction and recycling
  • Supporting the City of Niagara Falls’ Clean Sweep, Links for Green Learning and Heartland Forest through community outreach programs
  • Offering property tours to provide sustainability best practices for interested businesses, organizations and groups
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